How To Earn Money in Online Part Time / Full Time Jobs | Create Website / Blog and Earn Money From Home

DETAILS : The Part Time / Full Time Online Job is Create a Free Online Website or Blog and Get Adsense Account from Google and earn money every month from google company. this work is done daily only 2 or 3 hours and do from home or any where.

How To Create a Website / Blog :
First Open the site and where login with your Gmail Account of Email and Password. After Choose or Enter Title Name and Url Name or Domain and then click on submit and then select free template given by blogger. after posting any type of jobs, notifications, results, news, hall tickets details are post in that site.

NOTE : Dont Post Songs or Movie Details in that blog.

After Some day as 3 or 4 Months, Apply for Google Adsense as Click on Earnings and sign up and submit application form to google and receive reply.

Blogs vs Websites

Some people are very happy to use Blogger to make a blog, that is, the web site that looks like a newspaper or magazine writing regularly.

But a common question is "how do I make my blog into a real website, like" someone "made ​​over" this web site "?

This is not easy to answer: Not everyone means the same as "real web site" they say. "Someone" could have just changed the background image, I installed a third template, I changed some settings - or re-written the entire Blogger template! May have made ​​the blog look more professional than the basic templates do - or maybe have to remove all the features of "blog" for the site is like a normal web page booklet.

The bottom line is that even without changes a blog is a "real web site" because it has:
A url (
An Internet site dedicated to it alone. (For bloggers, the space inside Google servers - we have to pay for our own hosting).
Web pages, custom HTML, visitors can look at using a web browser (eg, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc)


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