CLT20 2014 Schedule Time Table Dates All Groups, CLT-20 Live Score Details, Champions League Twenty (CLT)20 2014 Cricket Matches Schedule Timings

CLT 20 Schedule Time Table with Dates of All Groups, Champiions League Twenty (CLT)20 Cricket Matches Schedule Timings : The Champion League Twenty-20 Cricket Matches are Start from Today Onwards Means 17th September, 2014 between Different Places Like Kolkata Knight Riders KKR, Chennai Super Kings CSK, Lahore LIO, Dolphins DOL, Perth PER, Hobart HOB, Punjab KXIP, BT Borbados, COB of Cape Cobras, NK of Northern Nights and etc.. The Matches Live Scores are Updated as Every Second by Second. So All The Cricket Fans Visit Time Table and Scores. The T20-20 Cricket League Matches Live Scores With Over's Wise of Wickets See at official Site is

CLT-20 Matches Schedule Timings
DATEMatches B/WGROUPS (A/B)TimePlace / Venue

September 17th, 2014

Kolkata Vs ChennaiGroup-ANight 8.00 P.MHyderabad
September 18th, 2014Punjab Vs HobartGroup-BNight 8.00 P.MChandigad / Mohali

September 19th, 2014 

Cape Cobras Vs Northern NightsGroup-ANight 8.00 P.MRaipur
September 20th, 2014Dolphins Vs PerthGroup-AEvening 4.00 P.MChandigad / Mohali

September 20th, 2014 

Barbados Vs PunjabGroup-BNight 8.00 P.MChandigad / Mohali
September 21th, 2014Cape Cobras Vs HobartGroup-BEvening 4.00 P.MHyderabad

September 21th, 2014 

Kolkata Vs LahoreGroup-ANight 8.00 P.MHyderabad
September 22th, 2014Dolphins Vs ChennaiGroup-ANight 8.00 P.MBangalore

September 23th, 2014

Hobart Vs Northern NightsGroup-BNight 8.00 P.MRaipur
September 24th, 2014Kolkata Vs PerthGroup-ANight 8.00 P.MHyderabad

September 25th, 2014 

Chennai Vs LahoreGroup-ANight 8.00 P.MBangalore
September 26th, 2014Barbados Vs Cape CobrasGroup-BEvening 4.00 P.MChandigad / Mohali

September 26th, 2014 

Punjab Vs Northern NightsGroup-BNight 8.00 P.MChandigad / Mohali
September 27th, 2014Dolphins Vs LahoreGroup-AEvening 4.00 P.MBangalore

September 27th, 2014 

Perth Vs ChennaiGroup-ANight 8.00 P.MBangalore
September 28th, 2014Barbados Vs HobartGroup-BEvening 4.00 P.MChandigad / Mohali

September 28th, 2014 

Punjab Vs Cape CobrasGroup-BNight 8.00 P.MChandigad / Mohali
September 29th, 2014Kolkata Vs DolphinsGroup-ANight 8.00 P.MHyderabad

September 30th, 2014 

Perth Vs LahoreGroup-AEvening 4.00 P.MBangalore

September 30th, 2014

Barbados Vs Northern NightsGroup-BNight 8.00 P.MBangalore
  • October 2nd, 2014 First Semi Final Evening 4.00 P.M at Hyderabad is Venue
  • October 2nd, 2014 Second Semi Final Night 8.00 P.M at Hyderabad is Venue
  • October 4th, 2014 Final Match Night 8.00 P.M at Bangalore is Venue


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