Ebola Marburg Virus Infections | Symptoms of Ebola virus disease | India Wise Ebola Virus Treatment Details | What is Ebola disease | Prevention of Ebola Virus

What are the symptoms of Ebola ?  
    If you may have Ebola, is remoted from the general public to stop instantly developed. 
Symptoms occur until P 21 days after infection and usually include: 
High fever. 
Joint and muscle aches. 
Sore throat. 
Stomach ache. 
No impulse foods. 

Over time, the signs become increasingly extreme and must incorporate
Nausea and vomiting 
Diarrhea (may also be bloody) 
Red eyes 
raised rash 
Chest pain and cough 
stomach ache 
Severe weight reduction 
Bleeding often the eyes, and bruises (near loss of life could bleed from various orifices, comparable to people's human ears, nostrils and rectum) 
Internal bleeding 
As the disease gets worse, which causes bleeding contained in the body as well as the eyes, ears and nose. Some individuals vomiting or coughing up blood, have bloody diarrhea, and a rash. 

Ebola Marburg Virus Infections | Symptoms of Ebola virus disease | India Wise Ebola Virus Treatment Details | What is Ebola disease | Prevention of Ebola Virus

How Ebola diagnosed ? 
    Sometimes it's exhausting to inform if an individual has Ebola signs alone. Doctors may have a different rule out diseases like cholera or malaria. 

Blood and tissues can also diagnose Ebola. 

Ebola virus and Marburg virus :
   The transmission is start from animals to people 
Experts suspect that each virus is transmitted to people through body fluids of an infected animals. The Examples are include as : 

Blood. Butchering or eating contaminated animals can deploy virus. Scientists have operated in contaminated as part of its analysis animals also have contracted the virus. 
Waste merchandise. Tourists safe in African caves and a few employees of the underground mine have been contaminated with Marburg virus, probably through contact with feces or urine contaminated bats. 
Transmission from person to person 

Infected people usually do not change until they develop signs contagious. Family members sometimes contaminated, and in charge of sick relatives or collect useless for burial. 

Medical personnel may be contaminated if protective equipment is not used, comparable to surgical masks and gloves. Medical facilities in Africa are often so poor that they have to reuse needles and syringes. Some of the worst epidemics of Ebola have occurred as a result of contaminated injection tools are not sterilized between uses. 

There is no evidence that the Ebola virus or Marburg virus was developed through insect bites. 

Ebola Virus should find resources in any way come to India :
    The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is undoubtedly one of the deadliest epidemics many we have had in the current cases, corresponding to TB, HIV / AIDS, SARS-COV outbreaks or MERS. However, what makes it very scary, especially for a great nation like India is the truth that the current scenario in India would result in a particularly bad scenario, if the disease came to our shores. While perhaps not a random social media participation claiming the virus has arrived in India, there is no reason to panic, but. Indirectly is very similar to a TB scare scenario resistant to the drugs seized Mumbai a few many years in the past days. Here are five types of the explanation why Ebola in India is a really scary state of affairs : 

High rate of unfold :
    The virus appears to develop in a short period of time of a human at a different and probably develop through Musculature fluids such as blood, saliva, feces, urine, sweat, and so on. This makes it extremely harmful in a densely populated country like ours the location is easy to get the virus while traveling, in the workplace or in any other public space. The disease can also develop through the dirty clothes, mattress or used needles. 

High mortality burden :
    According to WHO, EVD (Ebola virus disease) outbreaks have a fatality rate of ninety%. Currently, there is no such thing as a licensed therapy or vaccine for the disease for both people and animals. The only approach to deal with the sick is to place them in the ICU and could also be very harmful to health workers or anyone involved with the next victims. 

No pure immunity :
    Unlike African nations place the Ebola outbreaks have occurred earlier than the disease - if it comes is brand new in India - which means that we have no pure opposition immunity to the virus. Our physical system inside is by no means something qualified as Ebola virus and received't know the best way to fight it. 

Lack of health professionals :
    The health providers in our country are abysmal to say the least. The doctor-person past relationship affected perception is skewed; most rural areas do not have an entry for health care providers, many can not afford the round high quality healthcare and PM million deaths a year are preventable. So think about the injury of a totally unknown virus, no Indian could do to our land. (Read: What is wrong with the health system of India) 

Susceptible population Enormous :
    India is the second most populous nation in this planet, the place many people have a fundamental input for healthcare companies. People stay collectively in large lots, in cities; public transport is close past perception. Another possible epidemic, HIV / AIDS, which could be deployed by unprotected sex, use of intravenous drugs or blood transfusions in no way became a huge disadvantage in India as a result of coming across as a nation, Round not slept much or use drugs intravenously. The Ebola virus, again can be deployed through saliva and sweat (HIV can not) which makes rather more worrying. (Read: Ebola virus - causes, signs, analysis, treatment, prognosis and prevention).



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