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What is the ice cube bucket challenge ? 
It is an effort to raise awareness of ALS the place individuals should dump a bucket of ice cold water after which someone dares to do the same. If they can not, the option is to donate $ one hundred to the membership ALS. 

How did it start ? 
The problem ice cube went viral on social media after a baseball participant USA and ALS affects person, Pete Frates, floated the concept of the problem in a video on a social networking website. He bought the concept from a friend. 

Over MP million movies had been shared on Facebook between June and August S thirteen. The problem was discussed more than a million cases PP on Twitter since 29 July, after attracting Frates'. 

According to the ALS website, which to date has acquired nearly $ 23 million. 

What is ALS ?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis may be known as Lou Gehrig's disease it is. This is a progressive neuro degenerative type disease that affects nerve cells within the mind and spinal cord 


ALS is regarded as having an effect on P lakh B each individual of the population worldwide.

Life expectancy 

About 20% of subjects with ALS H reside years or extra, up to 10% stay more than 10 years and reside H% forecast until 20 years after 

They took the problem 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

lady Gaga 

mark Zuckerberg 

Brian Vickers 

Satya Nadella 

Actress Hansika Ice cube bucket challenge 

Actress Sonakshi Sinha bucket ice cube ALS Challenge 

Nobody nominated me. But I, however, took the problem. And now I propose to you all to do what I just did. If you've already got showered, skip the ice water. If No, go ahead by all means. BUT Go to donate.



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